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Tales Of India Collection

Taj Mahal


Amber Fragrance EDP

Introducing a new Collection "Tales of India". Nur is the first perfume in this collection.

NUR Notes:

Top Notes: Mandarin, Tangerine

Mid Notes: Jasmine Grandiflorum, Geranium, Champaka & Rose,

Base Notes: Myrrh, Labdanum, Amber, Vanilla, Saffron Attar, and Benzoin.

An Indian Summer Notes:

TOP:  Verbena, Fennel

MID: Jasmine, White Lotus, Kewra, Coriander, Ginger, Curry Leaf, Coconut and Butter CO2

BASE: Patchouli, Styrax and Hay

{First perfume created by La Fleur that includes a small amount of Synthetic Musk and Butter CO2 all the rest of the ingredients are Botanical. We are still natural by 85-90% ingredients}

Resham Notes:

Notes: Andrej Babicky in collaboration with Olivia Larson for La Fleur by Livvy. Mixed Media EDP

Citrus, warm spices, in house vanilla, woods, resins, benzoin in an Indian floral bridal bouquet.


Top Notes: Pink Peppercorn, Lemon

Mid Notes:  Basil, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Clove, White Lotus, Saffron,

      Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Sandalwood,

                         Benzoin, Frankincense.

Taj Mahal
Nur Jahan
Award Newsletter
IPF Jadon Award- Barcelona

My inspiration is drawn from my memories of my childhood growing up in India: of Indian women in the marketplace with fragrant jasmine garlands in their hair. The scent of attar's, flower stalls with heady tuberoses, rose waters, and sandalwood incense sticks wafting through the air as they burned. The various flowers that bloomed at night, the smell of the earth after it rained on a hot summer day and oh the monsoons. The smell of fresh mint leaves, ginger and lemon being crushed into juice at a vendor’s stall. The frangipani (plumeria) flowers which grew outside our home by my grandmother’s bedroom window and countless other memories that will unfold here, some translating into a fragrance to carry nostalgic memories. The curry leaf tree my grandmother tended lovingly; I now have my own small plant indoors that I treasure.



"Nur is gorgeous, fantastic, amazing, very good. I love it, it brings me to India in the presence of a great Maharaja. Beautiful perfume, congratulations..."

Diego N., Italy

"This is a very, warm, spicy, strong florals, exotic, tobacco and medicinal nuances, fruitiness, earthy, inviting, balmy, dried, traces of the green, unisex fragrance.

This can be worn all year 'round, I get average projection and average longevity, Nur is another excellent, well done fragrance from La Fleur by Livvy,"

4/5 Stars - Joseph W. Sagona


An Indian Summer

Spicy Floral Fragrance EDP

The afternoon heat seemed to have gotten to her. The hot balmy air blew gently on her face as though intentionally trying to get her to nod off.  Nora dozed off in her chair; the novel she was reading was still sitting on her lap. The characters were fascinating and belonged to another time, another world; of a period in history when the East India Company traded antiques, cotton, silks, and spices around the world.


  A life filled with adventure and travel.  As she slipped into a gentle sleep, she could hear the gramophone play her favorite melodies. The housekeeper brought her a glass of Lime Cordial and set it down next to her. You could smell the lime in the air.  Chef was busy making a concoction of curry mixed with spices. The jasmines bloomed in the garden and laced the air with their heady scent.

Livvy Image


Screen Shot
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