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Kupaloke Natural EDP 50ML

Kupaloke Natural EDP 50ML


April 2022 slightly reformulated Kupaloke EDP 50 ML.  

Mixed Media


Top Notes:   Bergamot

Mid Notes:   Lavender and Tuberose

Base Notes: Nagarmotha (Cypriol)

Musk, Hedione, Leather



Kupaloke, the beautiful flower girl   {Pronounced as kupa·loke which means Tuberose in Hawaiian}

Kai, fisherman from the Sea and secret lover {Pronounced as kah ee}                         


And so it goes till this day the fishermen can hear faint strains from Kai’s ukulele as they get closer to the tiny island in the Pacific accompanied by the smell of freshly baked vanilla cakes, with hints of caramel and cinnamon, sweet and citrus aromas followed by a heavy rich floral scent from the tuberose and orchid lei’s being woven. At an early age, Kupaloke’s mother taught her to weave and make beautiful lei garlands. She would take them to the marketplace to sell.

Now let me tell you a story. Kupaloke’ s hand was promised, unknown to her to the Chief’s Son, Ailanee as her father had made an alliance between the two villages before his passing on to the next life. The Chief was getting ready to celebrate this matrimonial alliance. However, Kupaloke was in love with Kai and their love was a bond meant to last forever. The distraught Kupaloke could not bear the thought of marrying anyone else. The Chief found out about the secret love affair that was harboring between the couple and ordered to kill Kai. So late that night Kai and Kupaloke decided to elope in his small fishing boat, but word broke out of their plan and they were being chased by the Chief and his men. Kai prayed to the Sea God who sent big waves to protect them so that they could escape to the next island and live happily ever after. Out of the sky came big bolts of lightning and claps of thunder as Kai’s prayers were heard and a heavy storm fell upon the seas, with waves crashing the Chief’s boats and men. Kai and Kupaloke managed to escape.


All characters are fictional and do not bear resemblance to anyone living or dead.

Fact: The Tuberose is one of the favorite flowers used in making Hawaiian leis (garlands). The scientific name of this lovely flower is Polianthes tuberosa, and the Hawaiian name for it is Kupaloke. The Tuberose Lei symbolizes love, congratulations, friendship and making a commitment.

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